We're a unique and community focused gym located in the Oregon Ice Arena.  

At The Farm we want to be more than a place you have a membership. Inspired by athletes, we believe in dedication, support, education and training.  We want you to get the most out of your time with us and for your fitness experiences to be positive, rewarding and something you look forward to each day.

Choosing a fitness facility can be difficult so we work hard to make The Farm the right choice for you. We believe this journey is here for you to write at your pace.  That is why we offer our memberships without contracts, fees or fears.  

Our mission is to help you achieve YOUR fitness, health and athletic goals.   Whether looking to enhance you or your student's athletic abilities, or start a journey to a healthy weight we have the training, support and education you need to help you reach your goals.  
 We offer some the hottest group exercise classes like Spinning, Boot Camps, and Country Heat, and we have the best personal trainers around.

Whether you are looking for 24 hour access, classes, open gym, or personal training, we have you covered at The Farm.  Please visit schedule to meet with us to learn more about how The Farm can become the health and athlete club choice for you and your family.



Jen Barnard

Jen is a NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Certified Weight Management Specialist.  She also holds a certification in customized nutrition as a Metabolic Typing Advisor, and offers a consulting service where she helps individuals identify their own unique nutritional needs and provides them with tools to help them achieve optimum health.

In addition to her fitness ventures, Jen works for two local businesses and volunteers as a local Girl Scout co-leader. The other "loves" that occupy her free time are music, food, outdoor adventures, entertaining, event planning, volunteering, traveling, deep thoughts, and most of all...spending time with her family!

As a Personal Trainer, Jen aims to assist those who are just getting started with physical fitness and help them find a comfort level for making exercise a fun part of their regular routine, as well as build a foundation necessary to meet whatever needs and goals are desired, whether it be mobility, strength, or overall health improvement.  For those who already have physical activity as part of their schedule, Jen pushes the boundaries to make healthier individuals, maximize performance, and hit new benchmarks.

Amber Lehnherr

Amber has been a Health & Fitness Coach for 4 years. She is certified in CIZE, Country Heat, Insanity, PiYo and P90x Live formats. Amber has a passion for fitness and has made it a part of her daily routine. When she’s not teaching, she is busy with her husband and two young sons, cooking healthy and staying active.

Growing up on a farm taught Amber a great work ethic and sense of determination. She doesn’t quit until the job is done and with health and fitness, it never is. Amber wants nothing more, than to see her clients reach their goals and live happy, fulfilling lives.

Bridget Davenport



Bridget has had a passion for sports, health and fitness all of her life. As a certified trainer she works to help people from all different backgrounds reach their health and fitness goals.  Growing up in hockey taught Bridget the importance of dedication, strength and perseverance which she demonstrates in all of her training session. Bridget loves to bring energy, motivation and joy to all of her clients

Katy Ruotti



Katy has been teaching group fitness classes steadily for the past 9 years, but began teaching more than 20 years ago.  Dance and music have been a part of her life as long as she can remember.  She began taking dance at age 3 and teaching dance and choreographing musicals when she was 14.  She turned that love of dance and music into a passion for fitness in college where she began teaching group fitness and dance classes.  Through the years, Katy has experimented with many styles of fitness classes.  Past classes included BOSU, kickboxing, bootcamp, stretch, step aerobics, circuit, cycling and latin dance.  She attends fitness conventions each year to bring new fresh formats for her groups.  For Katy, fitness is a passion she tries to incorporate into her daily life with her two kids and husband.  They enjoy skiing, climbing, SUP, hiking, biking, volleyball and most anything else active outdoors.  Besides teaching group fitness, Katy currently teaches elementary music at EAGLE school in Fitchburg.   



Getting Here:

Located in the Oregon Ice Arena just off HWY 14 in Oregon, WI.  

Our Address:

100 N. Perry Parkway
Oregon, WI 53711